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Keith Thue

Happily Married Artists

Springfield, OH


Keith Thue resides in Springfield, Ohio. He is primarily a self-taught artist who works in oil, acrylic and watercolor. He allows the choice of music to help to freely influence the painting. Different music affects color choices, lines, composition etc. He studied watercolor at the Springfield Museum of Art, classes at Wittenberg University, and under several local professional artists. His paintings have been recognized in several regional juried shows.
Keith works in Activities in the Memory Care unit at Saint Leonard in Centerville where often, he gets to facilitate paintings with the residents. The focus is always on the process and joy of creating rather than the final result.

Karin Thue resides in Springfield, Ohio. She works primarily in stained glass but has also done oil painting, & photography. She has a degree as a Paralegal and has a Fine Art (BFA) degree from Wittenberg University. Her glass, paintings, and photography have won awards and have been recognized in numerous regional juried shows. Several oil paintings have been purchased by Wittenberg University for its permanent art collection.
Karin sells new arts & crafts supplies worldwide on eBay & etsy as StainedGlassKarin.


The Light Fandango by Keith Thue


The Village is Near by Keith Thue


Solitude by Keith Thue


Rest Break by Keith Thue


Transport by Keith Thue


Unexpected Stillness by Keith Thue


Morning Overlook by Keith Thue


Kimono Enchantment by Keith Thue


I Remember Falling for You by Keith Thue


Homeward Bound by Keith Thue


Flamenco by Keith Thue


Flamenco Evening by Keith Thue


Flamenco Caliente by Keith Thue


Farmers Daughter by Keith Thue


Date Night by Keith Thue


Cleansing by Keith Thue


Caribbean Morning II by Keith Thue


Caribbean Morning by Keith Thue


Bridge by Keith Thue


Bravo by Keith Thue


Be Safe by Keith Thue


Down Town Date Night by Keith Thue


Stained Glass Time by Keith Thue


Stained Glass Home by Keith Thue


Stained Glass Love by Keith Thue


Grand Tetons landscape by Karin Thue


Canyon Sunset by Keith Thue


Prairie Winds by Keith Thue


Fog by Karin Thue



Path To Clingmans Dome by Karin Thue


Pick up Handle by Karin Thue


Polar Bear Made of Mums by Karin Thue


Prayer Candles by Karin Thue


State by Karin Thue


St Peters in the Morning by Karin Thue


Windshield by Karin Thue


Longwood Gazebo by Karin Thue


Berries in The Snow by Karin Thue


US Airforce Nurses Flight by Karin Thue


Walking In The Rain by Keith Thue


Love window-sill box by Karin Thue


I Give You My Time by Karin Thue


Bare Minimum by Keith Thue


Red or Green by Keith Thue


Hold Me In your Arms Like A Spanish Guitar by Keith Thue


Sedona Sunrise by Keith Thue


The Dance Lesson by Keith Thue


Cappuccino Morning by Keith Thue